Why Umbee hosting

  • security Why Umbee

    Security built-in
    We have built security into the heart of our hosting platform, and use enterprise grade firewalls to ensure that our infrastructure adheres to banking and military grade standards. Our Tier 3 data centres (operated by Level 3) are among the most secure and robust facilities in the country. To add to the physical security we have also adopted a four tier DMZ design for all our hosted infrastructure. This is a recommended reference architecture that has been adopted by most enterprise organisations in the world.

  • uptime Why Umbee

    99.95% Uptime Guarantee
    A bold claim, but we can back it up and have proved it time and time again. Our infrastructure has zero single points of failure, so our customers can sleep at night and so can we. With the addition of our proactive monitoring we ensure that we can deliver on our SLA promises, and will compensate our customers if we fail to deliver on our 99.95% uptime guarantee.

  • hardware Why Umbee

    Enterprise Grade Hardware
    Walk into the best datacentres around the world and you’ll see the same vendors’ hardware sitting in the racks. Predominant among them are HP, Cisco and EMC – the vendors we’ve chosen to partner with, allowing us to offer best-of-breed hardware to support our enterprise-grade hosting.

  • livesupport Why Umbee

    Umbee-lievable support
    We believe that our people drive our success, and that it’s not just about technical skills. For our “Umbee-lievable” support team we hire a rare breed of individuals who are not only super-technical but also have people skills and patience, and are dedicated to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. We believe that this is the key to our success in achieving 100% customer retention.

  • ukbase Why Umbee

    Robust Infrastructure

    We operate out of Tier 3 datacentres where we manage a secure hosting infrastructure for customers with enterprise-grade complex hosting requirements. We also leverage Tier 1 IP transit, connected to multiple worldwide carriers for maximum resilience and low latency internet routes.

  • flexible Why Umbee

    Flexible Approach
    We know how important it is for our customers to be able to respond flexibly to changing business needs. That’s why we ensure that our hosting solutions can be fully customised, and don’t put up barriers or restrictions. If there’s something you need to do just ask and we will be more than happy to help you make it happen. When you host with Umbee anything is possible!

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